Connect with recruiters online from over 30+ Chicago Companies


Plan to attend and connect with several of Chicago's finest employers.

All of the participating employers have open positions they are seeking to fill.


Positions in the following areas are typically available:
Sales, Customer Service, Call Center, Management, General Business, Marketing, Retail, Administrative, Insurance, Banking, Engineering, Accounting, Finance, Education, Law Enforcement, Government, Military, Hospitality, Human Resources, Technicians, Telemarketing, Healthcare, IT, and more.


How to Succeed at the Virtual Career Fair:

  • Pre-register now and receive information about employers and job alerts available before the event.

  • Prepare your resume to submit it online.

  • Connect any time between 10:00AM and 2:00PM—This is a 4-hour recruiting event. 

  • Chat and interact with recruiters

  • Ger interviewed and perform one-on-one video calls with recruiters


Remember, the best way to be considered for a position is to chat with hiring managers online.


Job Seeker Tips

Bring Your Résumé

Have extra copies of your résumé on hand. Need a résumé refresh? Try Résunate our award-winning résumé optimizing tool!

Visit Employer Websites

Educate yourself about available positions. Being well versed in a company's available positions will help with discussions.

Sell Yourself

Prepare a brief "elevator pitch" about yourself to clearly communicate your strengths, skills and interests.

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October 15, 2020
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